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Goal 2
Goal #2: Identify areas and communities within Yamhill County with serious oral health issues.

In order to achieve Goal #2, the Society will work on two parallel tracks. The first track is to collect data from the Oral Health Screening Events and enter the data from the oral health grade reports into the Society's oral health database. The second track is to work and partner with Yamhill County agencies, nonprofits, spiritual-based, public service based and others to identify community areas with oral health issues.

Step 1. The Society will build or create a database to track oral health data collected during the Oral Health Events in the schools and elsewhere. The data would be scrubbed to keep personal identifying information out of it in order to remain HIPAA compliant. The database will be a clearinghouse of oral health data for the entire County that will be invaluable for grant writing, data sharing and other critical purposes. The database should have high capacity and be relational. Future grant writing needs for local data would be immediately available with this incredibly powerful tool.

Step 2. Society members will work with community partners to develop a coalition that works together to solve the oral health care issues facing Yamhill County. The Society will play a leading role in forming coalitions and partnerships in an effort to focus efforts and resources to work on oral health issues at the ground level. The Society must play a leading role in assuring that Yamhill County agencies, nonprofits and other grass-roots organizations work together and with a common focus on the oral health issues. In so doing, the Society must create a brand that is recognized by the entire Yamhill County community as the leading resource for leadership, education and outreach efforts on oral health issues.

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