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Goal 1
Goal #1: Screen school-aged children to determine baseline need for oral health care in Yamhill County.

To achieve Goal #1, the Society will work with school administrators from every school district in Yamhill County to obtain consent from parents to screen as many children as possible at the school once per year (Oral Health Screening Events). The Society will work with school staff to send out consent form to parents of kids in the school for Society members to perform a screening at a scheduled screening event. This event would occur during regular business hours of the school and every child in that school would have access to the screening. Only children with signed consent forms would be permitted to be screened during the event. In order to move forward with this objective, the Society will begin to implement this objective by following these steps beginning October 1, 2011:

Step 1. Meet with School Board, school administrator and school staff from every school district to inform them about the Society and the mission. Obtain permission to move forward with activity.

Step 2. Seek volunteers from YCSD membership to perform screening events. Determine best time and locations for every school district. Pre-determine how screening event would best be implemented. Determine how screening findings would be provided to parents/guardians.

Step 3. Develop simple consent form and deliver to school staff for delivery to parents (possibly in mailings). Consent form would detail screening event time, location and other logistical information. Request consent form be sent back to school for review. School staff will collect and store consent forms in safe location for Society staff to pick up.

Step 4. Society staff will pick up and review consent forms for completeness and determine if other information is needed. Once forms have been vetted, coordinate the event with school staff. Assure staff understands how the event will be conducted. Event should be conducted in an common area with class by class participation until all kids with signed consent forms in each classroom have been seen by Society provider. Each kid will be screened and provided a "grade" report on the condition of his/her oral health. Additionally, a take-home "goodie bag" should be provided to each kid.

Step 5. After event is completed, the Society will report the findings of the oral health to the school, administration and school board, with recommendations about future oral health events and education opportunities. Society will encourage school district to allow Society educational opportunities to occur during "Parents Night", PTA events and other venues where oral health educational material can be disseminated to community members.

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